Arrow Collectibles: A comprehensive list of what is available


This page is a work in progress. It will probably stay that way as the number and types of Arrow collectibles increases all the time. This page lists some from the past, and ones that are available now. Suggestions are welcome.



Due to the extensive amount of Arrow artwork available, I have created a seperate Arrow Artwork Page.


Canada Post has created several stamps that relate to A.V.Roe Canada. They have not created a pure Avro Arrow stamp to date. Below are images of the available stamps:

This is a close as it gets, commemorating 50 years of flight in Canada.

The Avro Jetliner

The Avro CF-100 Canuck


The Canadian Mint has made a 1996 $20 coin showing the Arrow:

and the Canuck:

Thanks to Paul Raymond for the small shots of the coins.
It looks like these are no longer available from the mint. Check your nearest coin collecting type place, or everybody's favourite online spot - Ebay

Old Jello Poker Chips

Good luck finding this one. Jello released a series of poker style chips with historic aircraft on them. There are about 200 in the series and the Arrow is one. The Canuck and I think the AvroCar are included. Look in antique or second hand stores for these.

The Arrow Chip


There's lots of this, so stand by. The Labusch Skywear site lists their products. They have lots.

Posters and Photos

There is a proliferation of these out there, so just look around


For buildable plastic models, check out my Arrow modelling page. If you want a prebuilt desktop model, they are available for sale too.

Assorted (mouse pads...)

Mouse pads... we're getting a little ridiculous here... check Labusch Skywear for these.


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